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Travel   Travel: 50 States

Travel: Other Countries

The places I've been, the things I have seen

The restaurants I've been, the food I have eaten

A single wedding day cannot possibly encapsulate all that I feel

Jeff & Terry-Ann's Never-Ending Wedding Photo Album

Finding LOVE Everywhere

50-State 4D 5K running maps (57 5Ks in 1 year)

5K Runs in Unique Locations

Country 5K running maps







  Unique things underwater in St. Kitts

South Friar's Beach, swimming with the fishes - STARFISH

Beach Explorations: White House Bay and Majors Bay - STARFISH

South Friar's Beach: Crabs, Flounder

Snorkeling at Jamrock - Filefish

Cockleshell Bay Beach

Octopus and more!!! Snorkeling at South Friar

Sea Cucumber and more

Dieppe Bay Town Beach - Foureye Butterflyfish

White House Bay snorkeling

Crabs and WTF is this other thing?

Octopus #2, Spotted Moray Eel, Arrow Crab, and more!

Large Turtle, Sunken Ship, Trunkfish, Trumpetfish, and more

Octopus #3, Turtle #2, Eel #2, and more ...

White House Bay - Octopus was in the same spot!

White House and Friars

Breakfast and Snorkeling with Mumsie

Garden photos and Day 2 Snorkeling with Mumsie and Terry-Ann

South Friar's Bay with Terry-Ann and her Mum

White House Bay

Terry-Ann spotted her first Octopus!

Snorkeling in South Friars: Stonefish and more

Day of the Starfish (and other friends) - South Friars

Squid! After-work snorkel

9/6/17 Snorkeling

Snorkeling and Touring with Lonneke CouchSurfer

Snorkeling in White House Bay: Octopus, Spotted Trunkfish & more!

Reggae Beach and South Friars with Mom



RUSVM   Cleanup w RUSVM clubs: Small Ruminant, One Health, Green Initiati

Mary Charles Hospital: RUSVM volunteering to help in the rehab

PASS = Professional Attitude for Student Success

Lyme Disease Challenge-RUSVM Edition

Ross Games

Semicolons for Suicide Awareness

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month at RUSVM

RUSVM Peace Poles

ABC's Dog Sports Day and Fair

Roadside Clean-up with Green Initiatives & Small Ruminants clubs

Scuba Club beach clean-up on North Friars

Team Sharks win ROSS Games Faculty/Staff Volleyball



St. Kitts



  Arrival in St. Kitts

St. Kitts - First full day my new world

TANAH MERAH - Terry-Ann & I's new home

TANAH MERAH - Our new home

St. Kitts - Day 2 - just a few pics

St. Kitts Day 3 - Trip around the island

2015 Scooter - Brand Spanking New :)

Downtown Basseterre & Port Zante

Cockleshell Beach and Paragliders

Introducing "Sushi" ... this how I ROLL .... my new car

Carambola Beach Club - All You can Eat SUSHI Night!!

Sand Bank Bay Beach -Sunday Beach Day

Ital Creations - Organic farm and vegetarian restaurant

Quick tour around the Island Main Road (circles all of St. Kitts)

Monday Night Monkeys

Date Night: Carambola Beach Club - Bonfire Night

Friday Night Beach Volleyball on team "Adults"

Sunday morning Monkeying around the house

Random Island Photos

Early morning run

Monkeys in the Hood

Beach day with Mom

Collecting Shell with Mumsie

Mom's first trip to St. Kitts

Date Night: Serendipity

Good morning St. Kitts

Sushi No More

Volcano Hike

Date Night - Carambola

Mumsie July/August '16 Visit

1 Month Anniversary dinner made by Mumsie

Terry-Ann's Mom's first visit to St. Kitts

Terry-Ann's new job—teaching 5th grade at SKI Academy

Date Night: Ciao

Timothy Hill Sunrise (all the way to the top)

Diwali/Duvali -Terry-Ann's ready to teach her kids!

Terry-Ann as cat for Halloween

Lemongrass in downtown Basseterre

Caterpillars at Ital Creations

Date Night: Marshall's

Serendipity with Mumsie

Illuminating Sea Urchins with holiday lights

Ottley's Plantation Inn

Glass Beach and Reggae Beach

St. Kitts Carnival 2017

Sand Bank Bay Beach Day

Sunset ride out on the penisula

SKI Academy Track Day

Date Night - Carambola

Gong Beach Summit Hike

Middle of the week Date Night

St. Kitts wedding — April 30, 2017

Sprat Net

Sunday Hike

Mom back in St. Kitts - Summer 2017

Terry-Ann & Mom painting class at the beach

2017 Random

Blu restaurant

Zack's Historical-Cultural Library & Museum/ Immaculate Concepti

Volunteering with Special Olympics

RUSVM's NYE New Student bonfire

2017 Random

Nevis for the weekend

Early Saturday morning hike ...

Cat Trip with Ski Academy colleagues

8th Annual Walk & Run for the St. Christopher Children's Home

Inaugural RUSVM Day of Service

Campus Gathering in Support of Hurricane Relief

Hurricane Relief Sorting/Packing: RUSVM Donations for Barbuda

Cockleshell Beach ... been a while since we did a beach day.

Nevis for the day on the Scooter

Our first cat (catamaran) trip

RUSVM celebrating Culturama with Slyvester's Masqueraders





Jeff & Terry-Ann's Epic Road Trip   Epic Trip - Day 1 & 2 - PA to FL

Epic Trip - Day 3: Terry-Ann arrives in the U.S.

Epic Trip - Day 4: Upside Building, Drag Racing Musuem and Terrible Fireworks

Epic Trip - Day 5: Falling Waters State Park and more

Epic Trip - Day 6: Battleship Memorial Park, AL; Gulf Coast, MS; New Orleans, LA

Epic Trip - Day 7: Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX

Epic Trip - Day 8: San Antonio, TX

Epic Trip - Day 9: San José Mission, Sunflowers, Peco River Canyon and more!

Epic Trip - Day 10: El Paso & the way there

Epic Trip - Day 11: White Sands, NM, The Thing & Tombstone, AZ

Epic Trip - Day 12: San Xavier Mission, and Casa Grande Ruins

Epic Trip - Day 13: Sedona, AZ, Grand Canyon & Dogtown Lake Campground

Epic Trip - Day 14: Auga Fria Nat'l Park, Gilda Bend, Space Age & Tiny Church

Epic Trip - Day 15: Salvation Mt., World Center, Desert Tower

Epic Trip - Day 16: Mission Beach, Watts Towers, Hollywood, Beverly & Auction

Epic Trip - Day 17: Storybook Houses and Santa Monica

Epic Trip - Day 18: Awesome '80s 5K, Bonnie & Clyde Death Car and Las Vegas

Epic Trip - Day 19: Valley of Fire, NV & Zion National Park, UT

Epic Trip - Day 20: Bryce Canyon, Grand Staircase-Escalante and Capitol Reef

Epic Trip - Day 21: Arches and Canyonlands

Epic Trip - Day 22: Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple, Stonehenge & Salt Lake

Epic Trip - Day 23: Salt Lake Temple, Spud Drive-In & Camping in WY

Epic Trip - Day 24: Grand Tetons, Yellowstone and Cody, WY

Epic Trip - Day 25: Shell Falls & Devil's Tower

Epic Trip - Day 26: Chapel Hill, Mt. Rushmore, Wall, Badlands, Missile & Corn

Epic Trip - Day 27: Drive through Iowa to Omaha, NE

Epic Trip - Day 28: Trip Interrupted

Epic Trip - Day 29: Kansas City & St. Louis

Epic Trip - Day 30: Springfield & Chicago

Epic Trip - Day 31: Krider Gardens, IN & Cleveland, OH Sights

Epic Trip - Day 32: Niagara Falls

Epic Trip - Day 32 (evening) on Lake Erie

Epic Trip - Day 33: Zippo on the Home!




50 State
4D 5K


  NY: VCTC 5K American Cancer Society Challenge

NJ: Jersey Shore Undy 5000 (5K for Colon Cancer)

OH & WV: 5Ks in WV and OH, Random Roadside Attractions

VA: Natalie's 2nd Trip to Harrisburg

MD: Krumpe's DoNut Alley Rally 5K in Hagerstown, MD

ME: Portland, Maine - MS Harborfest Shoreline 5K

DC: Beat the Deadline 5K, Washington D.C.

CT & VT: Dr. Suess, PEZ, VT/CT 5Ks, Lochness Monster and Flying Monkeys

DE: Nun Run 5K in Newark, DE

KS NE WY MN ND SD: Trip Day 1-3 Nebreska and Kansas

KS NE WY MN ND SD: Trip Day 4 Wyoming

KS NE WY MN ND SD: Trip Day 5 Grand Teton & Yellowstone!

KS NE WY MN ND SD: Trip Day 6 Devil's Tower & Center of the US

KS NE WY MN ND SD: Trip Day 7 Badlands, Rushmore, Deadwood & more!

KS NE WY MN ND SD: Trip Day 8 Minnesota!

KS NE WY MN ND SD: Trip Day 9 & 10 Minnesota & North Dakota

KS NE WY MN ND SD: Trip Day 11 Rapid City and SD 5K

TX & OK: ... many sites, 2 states, 2 races, 2 WINS!

RI, MA and NH: 5Ks

KY, TN and NC: Dragons, Towers, and 5Ks

WA & OR: Seattle, WA & Portland, OR 5Ks

LA & AL: 5Ks

WI & IA: 5KS

MI, IL & IN: Heaven to Hell, Lake Erie to Lake Michigan, 5Ks

NV & AZ: 5Ks

MS FL GA SC: Roadtrip and 5Ks

MS: Mississippi and New Orleans

MO: 5K

NM: 5K

CO: 5K

MT: 5K           MT: #2

AR: Arkansas runs (pics from Memphis)

ID: 5K

UT &: CA        Grand Canyon, Arizona

AK #1: 5K       AK #2

HI: Hawaii - Sea Turtles and active Volcanoes!

HI: Hawaii #2 - Sea Turtles and active Volcanoes!

HI: Hawaii #3

4D5K ...What a journey. What an event.


Running   Jersey Mike 5K 2013 - My First 5K

Running Race History

Running Race History #2

Hoot 'N Howl 5K

Philly Color Run

Warrior Dash at Pocono Raceway

Ottawa, Canada - Redemption Run 5K

New York City and 5K across the Brooklyn Bridge

Chicago and Badass Dash

Jersey Mike Rock-n-Roll 5K - 2015

Pittsburgh Marathon (Relay)

Girls on the run 2015 - PSU Harrisburg


Bird-in-Hand 5K & Hot Air Balloon Festival

Girls on the Run 5K - Hershey Park

Run the World with Dan Thompson


Travel and Experiences


  Space Shuttle Atlantis final launch (stupid point-n-shoot camera!

Philly Zoo 4/4/09

6 Flags Trip

Flat Rock Trail: Colonel Denning State Park/Tuscarora State Forest

Sights around Baltimore

Grand Cayman Islands #1

Grand Cayman Islands #2

Gateway National Park and Asbury Park, New Jersey

San Francisco

Ladew Topiary Gardens

The beauty of mushrooms ...

Pecha Kucha - 4D 50-State 5K Presentation

2013 Inclusive Leadership Conference—Campus Philly

Kayaking, Pinnacle and AACA Museum

Puerto Rico

Washington, D.C.

South Florida - Dec. 2014

Egypt - Day 1 - Pyramids, Spinx and Market

Egypt - Day 2 - Pyramid 5K, Cairo Tower, Nile River & Museum

Egypt - Day 3 - Mosques, Markets and Camel Meat

Egypt - Day 4 - Final Explorations

Austria - Day 1 - St. Stephen's Cathedral and other sites within

Austria - Day 2 - Belvedere, Riesenrad, St. Stephen's

Austria - Day 3 - Kunst Haus Wien, Schönbrunn Palace, MUMOK, Oper

Dali Museum & Other Greater Tampa-area sites

Snowfall at Italian Lake

Hershey Chocolate World: Create Your Own Candy Bar

Run along the frozen Susquehanna

Trinidad & Tobago: Day 1 & 2: Curepe, Macqueripe, Chaguramas

Trinidad & Tobago Day 3 & 4: Maracas Bay, Chaguanas, Hindu Temple

Trinidad & Tobago Day 5 & 6: Auto Ferry, Pigeon Point, Store Bay

Trinidad & Tobago Day 7: National Museum, Sreet Art and Family Di

Trinidad & Tobago Day 8: Mt. St. Benedict Monastery, Hanuman Murt

Trinidad & Tobago Day 9: Green Market, Maracas Beach & Bake and S

Bowl for MDA

NYC: Morgan Library and other fun

Reading, PA & Roller skating

Baltimore — April 4 , 2015

Washington D.C. — April 5, 2015

Slick Willys Karts

Feeding the Geese & Ducks at Italian Lake

NYC - Terry-Ann's pics

First CouchSurfer: Stephanie from Quebec ...ride along the Susque

National Zoo & Meridian Park

Second CouchSurfer - Tour of the PA Capitol Building

Curaçao Day 1

Curaçao Day 2

Curaçao Day 3

Curaçao Day 4

Jeff & Terry-Ann pics from our '15 Epic Adventure

Ricketts Glen & Knoebels

Random Stuff

Gun range - Terry-Ann meets my step-father—on his turf

City Island Mini Golf

Wildwood & Atlantic City

DuPont Nemours Mansion/Gardens & South Street

Ocean City, NJ and Misc.

New Hope, PA

Rehoboth, DE & Ocean City, MD

1000 Steps hike

Date Night @ Thai Palace

PA Renaissance Faire

NYC ... Terry-Ann's last day in the US for the summer ...

Shoe House, Codorus Furnace, & Three Mile Island

Minnihaha Falls and the Blue Nile Restaurant, Minneapolis, MN

Watt Munisotaram Cambodian Buddhist Temple & Mississippi

Apostle Island National Lakeshore

Apostle Island National Lakeshore - Wisconsin Kayaking

Iowa: Field of Dreams/Effigy Mounds National Monument

Iowa: Maquoketa Caves State Park

WI: Grotto of Christ the King & Villa Louis

MN/IA Random photos

Shanksville, PA - 9/11 Memorials

Pittsburgh, PA .. art and other stuff

Phoenix, AZ (& a few Philly from the sky)

NJ/NY/VT: Opus 40, Hudson Ped Bridge,Quechee Gorge, 9/11 Memorial

NH/ME Franconia Notch State Park & Grafton Notch State Park

Maine: Stephen King's house, Ft. Knox and much more!

ME/MA Walden Pond, Castle Hill, World's Largest Globe

We Will Never Forget: 9/11 Memorials

RI/CT/NY Blithewold, Gillette Castle, 9/11 Cross, Hall of Fame fo

Shikellamy & Susquehanna State Parks

Dallas TX & Arkansas - Diamond Mine

AR: Whitaker Point/ Hawksbill Crag, Natural Bridge, Little Rock

Christ of the Ozark, Pig Trail Byway & Eureka Springs

OK: Chua Tam Bao Buddhist Temple & Day of the Dead

Oklahoma Zoo, OKC Bombing Memorial, Transformers and more

OK/TX: Turner Falls & Some Texas

NC: Hunger Games movie set, Metalmorphosis, Blowing Rock, & Yosef

St. Kitts - Day 1

St. Kitts - Day 2

St. Kitts - Good bye, it's been great

Hersheypark's Christmas Candylane



Leatherback Turtles in Grande Riviere, Trinidad

Honeymoon Day 1 - Paris, France

Our second wedding ... this time in Paris, France

Honeymoon Day 2 - Paris, France

Honeymoon Day 3 - Paris, France

Our third wedding ... this time in London, England

Honeymoon Day 4 - London, England

Honeymoon Day 5 - London, England

Honeymoon Day 6 - London, England

Banana Bistro in Nevis - Absolutely Amazing!

Nevis - first trip

St. Maarten getaway weekend

Nevis with my mom

Santiago, Chile, Day 1

Santiago, Chile, Day 2

Santiago, Chile, Day 3

Chile Day 4: Easter Island

Chile Day 5: Valparaíso

Chile Day 6

Argentina Arrival: Andes Mountains and city from the sky

Argentina Day 1

Argentina Day 2

Argentina Night 2: Esquina Homero Manzi Tango and Dinner

Argentina Day 3: Caminito, La Boca, Congress, and more

Argentina Day 4: Iguazu Falls

Argentina Day 5/6: Light day in our neighborhood, 5K run, & leave

Bienviendos a Uruguay

Montevideo, Uruguay Day 2: Bicycle ride around the city

Montevideo, Uruguay Night 2: Street fairs and craft show

Montevideo, Uruguay Day 3: wedding and more sights

Montevideo, Uruguay 5K run Christmas morning pics



Jacksonville, FL (ASCA Conference)

Jacksonville with Johnny

Antigua February 2017

April 2017 - US Trip (Nat'l Zoo, Aquarium, and more)

Dominica: Day 1

Dominica: Day 2

Dominica: Day 3


Italy Switzerland Day 1: Florence

Italy Switzerland Day 2: Lamborghini Museum & Roadtrip to Zurich

Italy Switzerland Day 3: Zürich and Lucerne

Italy Switzerland Day 4: Zürich & Milano

Italy Switzerland Day 5 Pisa & Florence

Italy Switzerland Day 6: San Marino (5th smallest country)

Italy Switzerland Day 7: Florence: David and more

Italy Switzerland Day 8: Naples

Italy Switzerland Day 9: Amarfi Coast

Italy Switzerland Day 10 Rome

Italy Switzerland Day 11 Coliseum Wedding & Vatican City

Italy Switzerland Day 12 5K Run and More Rome

Barbados: Day 1

Barbados: Day 2

Barbados: Day 3

2017 Epic Road Trip - Days 1-3: Las Vegas

2017 Epic Road Trip - Day 4: Colorado and Kansas

2017 Epic Road Trip - Day 5: Kansas and Oklahoma

2017 Epic Road Trip - Day 6: Arkansas/Memphis, TN

2017 Epic Road Trip - Day 7: Tennessee and Kentucky

2017 Epic Road Trip - Day 8: Kentucky, West Vir., MD, and PA



Panama/Colombia Trip - Day 1 - Panama City

Panama/Colombia Trip - Day 2 - Panama City/Canal

Panama/Colombia Trip - Day 3 - Island of Taboga

Panama/Colombia Trip - Day 4 - Cartagena, Colombia

Panama/Colombia Trip - Day 5 - Cartagena, Colombia

Panama/Colombia Trip - Day 6 - Aviario Nacional de Colombia

Panama/Colombia Trip - Day 7 - Bogota, Colombia

Panama/Colombia Trip - Day 7 (Evening) - Bogota, Colombia

Panama/Colombia Trip - Day 8 - Bogota Jaime Duque Park

Panama/Colombia Trip - Day 9 - Nat'l & Gold Museum, Mt Monserrate

Indianapolis Zoo

Indian State and the Eiteljorg Museums

Indianapolis Day 1

2018 UK Day 1

2018 UK Day 2

2018 UK Day 3

2018 UK Day 4

2018 UK Day 5

2018 UK Day 6

2018 UK Day 7

2018 UK Day 8

2018 UK Day 9

2018 Ireland(s) Day 1

2018 Ireland(s) Day 2

2018 Ireland(s) Day 3

2018 Ireland(s) Day 4

2018 Ireland(s) Day 5

2018 Ireland(s) Day 6

2018 London arrival

2018 London













Johnny's 40th

Florida Vacation with mom

Me and my brother at Univeristy Park

Mothers Day trip with ... mom

Coney Isl, Staten Isl. Ferry, Freedom Tower & Statue of Liberty

ArtsFest at University Park with Mom

NYC Day Trip with mom to see a show

The Green Dragon with Mom

Thanksgiving Trip to Johnny's in VA Beach

Mom's Retirement/Birthday Party

Artsfest + Mom and CouchSurfer #3

Virginia Beach, VA - Day #1

Virginia Beach, VA - Day #2

Virginia Beach, VA - Day #3

Dinner at Mom's

Pumpkin hunting & carving

Christmas Village

Random 2015 Holiday Photos

Virginia Beach - escape the snow storm

Trinidad Jan. 2016 - Pitch Lake, Temple in the Sea, Hanuman Murti

Trinidad '16 Days 4-7

Trinidad '16 Day 3 - Gasparee Caves

Trinidad '16 Days 4-7: Fort George, Children's Carnival & More

Trinidad '16 - Day 8 - Terry-Ann's Birthday

Old Photos: Blast from the Past

First Day in Tobago for wedding festivities

Various Wedding Pics

Complete set of Professional Wedding Photos

Wedding Videos from July 4, 2016

Terry-Ann's master graduation

Trinidad, Oct. '16: Zoo and Nagar Indian Festival

Surprise gift: Mumsie made an ornament like our wedding cake!

My Beautiful Wife

Happy Holidays 2016

Terry-Ann's birthday

My lovely wife's cooking

Terry-Ann Appreciation Dinner @ Serendipity

First Anniversary

Lobsterfest with the Moms
Mother's Day weekend in Nevis with the Moms

Brimstone Hill, Amazing Grace Experience & Caribelle Batik

Spratnet with Mom

Terry-Ann's 32nd-Birthday Surprise! — Tweety 2!

Christmas 2017 - Some PA and Trinidad

NYE Sushi Date

Mom back in St. Kitts - Summer 2017

Terry-Ann & Mom painting class at the beach

Reggae Beach and South Friars with Mom

Blu restaurant

Gallery Cafe, Eco Park, and Arthurs

Samurai Restaurant - Mom's last meal before heading home







Visit with Sister Florence from Kenya

Haley and Scott: May 8, 2011

Mobile Uploads

Get Outdoors Group: Trip #1 The Pinnacle and Pulpit's Rock

Get Outdoors Group: October 2012

Get Outdoors Group: Indian Echo Caverns

Get Outdoors Group: Wissahickon Gorge Hike

Get Outdoors Group: Ricketts Glen

Get Outdoors Group: Kayaking on the Susquehanna

December 2012: Los Angeles/Las Vegas

First kayaking experience of 2013 - with Kyron

Eagle Rock Resort with Jackie and Colin!

BBQ at the Rothmel house

That's What Friends Are For (Dee surprised me with birthday party

Philadelphia Marathon: Supporting 4D runner Kristy Higham

Julie Atlanta in NYC          NYC Dec. 7–8

Sedona, AZ off roading with Ron

Yoga photoshoot at Ricketts Glenn State Park

Erik and Matt's reception

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic - David & Taleen's wedding

Joey's flat land riding - don't try this at home kids

Colonel Denning State Park - Flat Rock Trail (and others)

Hawk Rock, Duncannon, PA

Rudy Francisco @ PSU Berks with a bunch of terrific people


Natalie Rose
and Jamaica
Jamaica Trip

Jamaica Trip - Day #2 Lime Cay

Jamaica Trip - Day #3 Portmore at Waves Beach

Jamaica Trip - Day #4

Jamaica Trip - Day 5: My first Hash

Jamaica Trip - Day 6: Exploring St. Andrew on foot

Jamaica Trip - Day 7: National Gallery & Usain Bolt's Restaurant

Jamaica Trip - Day 8: Downtown Kingston/National Hereos Park

Jamaica Trip - Day 9: Dunn's Rivers Falls in Ocho Rios

Jamaica Trip - Day 10: Somerset Falls and Frenchman's Cove

Jamaica Trip - Day 11: Last day at Frenchman's Cove, Reach Falls

Jamaica Trip - Day 12: Puma Fortis 5K and Hope Gardens

Jamaica Trip - Day 13: Hellshire Beach

Jamaica Trip - Day 14: Departure

Natalie visits me in the U.S. on the 4th of July

Natalie's 2nd Trip to Harrisburg

Jamaica 2014: Montego Bay/ Negril


Cindy Foley
and our
My Cats :)

A few cell phone pics from beach trip '10

Frogs in the Yard

Lightening—Cloud-to-Cloud over Schuylkill Haven

Out with Alice and her husband

Random photos of me

Cin & Jeff

House for Rent, Sale or Rent-to-Own

LA Vacation - July 1, 2011 - Thank you David Mena!

Locust Lake paddle boating, July 18, 2011


Images for the Fall Free 4 All

2011 Hispanic-Latino Student Recognition Reception

Fall 2011 HACC Graduation

2011-2012 HACC Campus Awards

Crazy Bob

Fall 2012 HACC, Harrisburg Orientation

2011-2012 HACC Harrisburg Student Life

2011-2012 HACC Harrisburg Student Life 2

2011-2012 HACC Harrisburg Student Life 3

2011-2012 HACC Harrisburg Student Life 4

2012 Fall Free 4 All photos by Christina Wood

2012 Hispanic Heritage Recognition Dinner

HACC College-Wide Leadership Retreat Fall 2012

Leadership HACC #6 - Fall 2012

Nerds in the Burg

HACC's Hemingway Hawk

2013 Campus Awards

2013 Tour de Belt - road 25.06 miles today in 2:10:11

June 5, HACC Student Canoe Trip with Susquehanna Outfitters

June 12, HACC Student Canoe Trip with Susquehanna Outfitters

2013 Fall Free 4 all & Club Rush

Fall 2013 HACC Student Leadership Retreat

HACC Zombie Walk - Photos by Dave Olmstead

2014 NCSL Conference - Arlington, VA

2014 HACC Awards Ceremony

Little Buffalo State Park: Service Learning and Shoaff's Mill

Fall 2014 HACC College-wide Leadership Retreat

Penn State Schuylkill

Ricketts Glen Trip - PSU Schuylkill 2009

PSU Schuylkill '09 Orientation Community Service Morning

PSU Schuylkill Activities Fair 2009

Jim Wand: Hypnotist

Hiking Trip: Schuylkill & Berks to the Pinnacle & Pulpits Rock

Diversity Speaker, David Surratt @ PSU Schuylkill

Mr. & Ms. Penn State

Powder Puff Football Game 2009

Leadership Class: Camp Wood Haven

Breast Cancer Walkers

Soccer: PSU Schuylkill vs PSU York

Volleyball: PSU Schuylkill vs PSU Worthington Scranton

A couple of RA's and LA's from PSU Schuylkill

PSU Schuylkill Inaugural Safe Trick-or-Treat


CAST—Spring 2010

Bad CAST, Bad! - only "WE" can see this!

Laser Tage (photos by Frenzy)

2010 Move In Day

2010 Orientation: First-Year Frenzy & Luau

Midday Music with Natalie Gelman

2010 Orientation Leaders

NYC with PSU Schuylkill

SPB Party — Fall 2010

Berks Multicultural Conference 2010

Fall 2010 CAST Meeting

FagBug at PSU Schuylkill—Oct, 2010

Spring 2011 Laser Tag

PSU Schuylkill '09 Move In Day

Spring Leadership Conference March 26, 2011

Bunny Trail of Treats: Spring 2011

Stand Against Racism: April 29, 2011


Penn State Berks

Orientaion Move In Day

Orientation 2007  Orientation 2007 (Part 2)

Orientation 2007 (Part 3)  Orientation 2007 (Part 4)

2007 Club Rush

JITTERS with Venice Maki

JITTERS Open Mic Night

Lecture Series: Alina Fernandez


JITTERS with Nick Motil

JITTERS with Javier Mendoza

JITTERS with Nadine Zahr

The NEW PSU Berks Game Room!!

Spring Orientation Leaders

JITTER Open Mic Jan. 31, 2008

JITTERS with Libbie Schrader

JITTERS Open Mic Apr 9, 2008

CAB @ Ozzy's - Spring 08

'08 Building For Tomorrow - Habitat for Humanity

'08 Building For Tomorrow - YMCA

'08 Building For Tomorrow - Nolde Forest

Fall 08 OLs

Fall 2008 Commuter Orientation

Fall 2008 Commuter Orientation 2

Fall 2008 Move In Day

Fall 2008 Move In Day - Part 2

OL Groups

Club Rush 2008

Ricketts Glen, Fall 2008 Vol. I

Ricketts Glen, Fall 2008 Vol. II

JITTERS with Javon Johnson Fall 2008

Casino Night Fall 08

College Feud

JITTERS with Joaquin

JITTERS with Carlos Robson

Opportunity House - Fall 2008

"BUG" Photo Shoot

PSU Berks CAB Fall 2008 Party Vol. 1

PSU Berks CAB Fall 2008 Party Vol. 2

The Bob and Al Show 1

The Bob and Al Show 2

PSU Berks Awards Banquet 2009

Fall 2008 PSU Berks CAB/SGA Semi-Formal Photos